Affidavit - Automating the Proof of Quality attributes for Large Scale Software Architectures

Nuno Nunes
Amanda Marinho
Claudio Teixeira

University Coimbra

Carnegie Mellon University

The Affidavit project ― Automating the Proof of Quality Attributes for Large Scale Software Architectures ― aims to make the current state of knowledge about software architecture design accessible to mainstream system developers by building a framework that will allow architects to investigate the properties of their architectures through architectural simulation and ensure their correct application through architectural transformation. Simulation will support the achievement of quality goals as defined in quality attribute scenarios, by allowing an architect to determine the consequences of architectural decisions, and to make tradeoffs that balance competing quality requirements. Architectural transformation will ensure that the structure of the system built matches the designed and simulated behavior. This will open the way to computer-assisted design, migration and validation of large-scale software architectures