Researchers and PhD students at Madeira-ITI

This page lists the Researchers of Madeira-ITI. For an overview of all people currently active at our institute, see the Community page. (If you are a M-ITI Researcher and your name is missing here, please register on this website and indicate you are a Researcher.)

afonso.goncalves's picture
Research Assistant, PhD Student
Mixed-Reality, Serious Games
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PhD Candidate
Ana Lúcia Faria's picture
PhD Candidate
cognitive rehabilitation; stroke; interactive technologies
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Research Design, Graphic Design, UI Design, Visualizations and Motion Graphics
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Athanasios Vourvopoulos's picture
Researcher, PhD Candidate
Brain-Computer Interfaces, Physiological and Ubiquitous Computing, Virtual/Augmented-Reality, Neurorehabilitation
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Research Assistant
HCI, Sustainabilty, Context Awareness, Mobile Devices, Sensors, Social Networks, Information Visualization
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Phd Candidate, Research Assistant
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Post-Doctoral Researcher
digital media, television studies, audience research, fandom
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PhD Candidate
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PhD Candidate
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fabio.luis's picture's picture
PhD Candidate, Researcher
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Research Assistant, PhD candidate
Interface Design, Creative Writing
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PhD Student
Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Collaborative Economy, Digital Trust, Digital Media, Digital Marketing
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System & Network Administrator, Research Assistant
Composite Sensors, Physiological Computing
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PhD Candidate
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Research Assistant
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Research Assistant, PhD candidate
Robotics, Situation Awareness, Software Development, Human Factors
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Research Assistant
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PhD Candidate
Grassroots Radio, Technology for Development
Ken Keane's picture
Senior Researcher
Lígia Duro's picture
PhD Candidate
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Research Assistant
Image processing
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Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring, Power & Energy, ICT for Sustainability & Smart Cities, Environmental Informatics, Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction
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PhD Candidate
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MET alumnus, Research Assistant
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Assistant Researcher, PhD Candidate
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PhD Candidate
Michelle Kasprzak's picture
PhD Candidate
social innovation, extreme scenarios, design, culture, creative industries, policy, ethics, knowledge economy
+351 967600092
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Research Assistant
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PhD candidate, Research Assistant
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PhD Candidate
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MHCI alumnus, PhD Candidate
Roham Torabikalaki's picture
Research Assistant
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PhD Candidate
Web development , Information Visualization
Rui Alves's picture
Research Assistant at Logica Service Design Lab
service design, user experience
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Research Assistant
Sara Tranquada's picture
PhD Candidate
Internet of Things
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PhD Candidate in Networked Interactive Cyber Physical Systems (NETSyS)
Biomedical Engineering, Machine Learning
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PhD Candidate
Computational social science, social network analysis, privacy, usability, location sharing, computer-mediated communication
+351 969 335160
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Assistant Researcher
Vanessa Cesário's picture
PhD Candidate
Communication, Management, Storytelling, Digital Media, Teenagers, Games, Museums
Victor Azevedo's picture
ERAChair Researcher
Electronics, Robotics, Renewable Energy, 3D Printing, CNC
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ERAChair Researcher
Electronics, Robotic
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Research Assistant, MEI Student