Former Researchers and PhD students at Madeira-ITI

This page lists former researchers and PhD students at Madeira-ITI. For an overview of all people at our institute, see the Community page.

Roberto Camara's picture
Software Developer at Logica
Guilherme Gomes's picture
Senior Researcher
Veronica Sousa's picture
Assistant Researcher
Educational Psychology
Jayant Venkatanathan's picture
PhD candidate
Ken Keane's picture
Senior Researcher
Mayur Karnik's picture
Senior Researcher
Social Computing, Interaction Design, Music, Ethnography
Michelle Scott's picture
Former PhD Student
Roberto Sousa's picture
Research Assistant
Sorren Hanvey's picture
Research Assistant
Filipe Quintal's picture
Research Assistant, PhD candidate
Ko Huang's picture
Postdoctoral Fellow
User Experience Design, Interaction Design, Design Methodology
+351 926 424 509
Jorge Grenha's picture
Research Assistant
Clinton Jorge's picture
Phd Candidate, Research Assistant
Ruben Mendonça's picture
Research Assistant
Web development, Interface and Interaction Design
Ruben Gouveia's picture
PhD Candidate
Web development , Information Visualization
Aquilino Viveiros's picture
Assistant Researcher
Software Engineering
Ijaz Ahmad's picture
Research Assistant
Program Verification, Parallel Programming, Program Analysis, Semantics Web
Alcione Santos's picture
PhD candidate
Jakob Rogstadius's picture
PhD candidate
Visualization, Data mining, Crowdsourcing, Social media, Emergency response coordination
+351 961 94 3622
Augusto Esteves's picture
PhD Candidate
Tangible interaction, embodied cognition, epistemic actions
+351 963005724
Athanasios Vourvopoulos's picture
Researcher, PhD Candidate
Brain-Computer Interfaces, Physiological and Ubiquitous Computing, Virtual/Augmented-Reality, Neurorehabilitation
Sílvia Fernandes's picture
Research Assistant
Hildegardo Noronha's picture
PhD Candidate
Victor Rivera's picture
PhD Candidate
Formal methods
+351 964725989
Sukriti Bhattacharya's picture
Postdoctoral Fellow
Program Verification & Analysis, Abstract Interpretation, Software & Database Watermarking, Formal Methods, Software Engineering
Javier Rubio's picture
Postdoctoral Fellow
Tabletop, Tangible Interaction, Children Interaction
Evangelos Niforatos's picture
Research Assistant, PhD candidate
Mobile and Pervasive Computing, Location Based Services
Vera Lim's picture
Research Assistant
+351 964 04 3799
Rui Alves's picture
Research Assistant at Logica Service Design Lab
service design, user experience
Venkata Kushal Ponnam's picture
MET alumnus, Research Assistant
Po-an Shen's picture
MET alumnus, Research Assistant
Game Develop, iOS/Android Application Develop; Web Application Develop
Duarte Teixeira's picture
Research Assistant at Logica
Amanda Marinho's picture
Phd Candidate, Research Assistant
User experience, Service Design, Gamification, Travelling
Maria Ferreira's picture
Assistant Researcher, PhD Candidate
Filipe André Freitas's picture
PhD Student
Andrea Gaspar's picture
Postdoctoral Researcher
Social Anthropology
Fabio Baptista's picture
PhD Candidate
Miguel Caldeira's picture
Graphic Designer
Sheikh Mostafa's picture
PhD Candidate in Networked Interactive Cyber Physical Systems (NETSyS)
Biomedical Engineering, Machine Learning
Claudio Teixeira's picture
Assistant Researcher
Emergency Scenarios, Software Architecture, Front-End Web Architectures and Frameworks
Helena Barbosa's picture
Research Assistant
Illustration, Interaction Design
Luis Duarte Ferreira's picture
PhD Candidate
Monica Nascimento's picture
Graphic Designer & Communication Manager
fgoncalves's picture
Research Assistant, PhD candidate
Interface Design, Creative Writing
Sandy Rodrigues's picture
Research Assistant
Roham Torabikalaki's picture
Research Assistant
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ffaria's picture
aramezani's picture
lreis's picture
Adrian Ocneanu's picture
Research Assistant
Giovanni Innella's picture
Senior Researcher
Kanarak Isarankura's picture
Research Assistant
Tiago Camacho's picture
MEI alumnus
Jorge Gonçalves's picture
Research Assistant
Web Development, Human-Computer Interaction, Social Networks, Privacy, Mobile and Pervasive Computing
Rita Viana's picture
Research Assistant
Nuno Santos's picture
Research Assistant