Former Faculty and Staff at Madeira-ITI

This page lists former collaborators of Madeira-ITI. For an overview of all people at our institute, see the Community page.

António Temes's picture
Executive Director
+351 291 705 157
Jos van Leeuwen's picture
Former Vice-president of Research and Finances, Former Program director LDMI, now Senior Lecturer at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, NL
Computational design, Interaction design, Collaborative design, Ontology development, Computer-Aided (Architectural) Design
Duarte Nuno Pinto's picture
Project Manager
Eduardo Fermé's picture
Associate Professor
Artificial Intelligence, Belief Revision and Nonmonotonic Logic
+351 291 70 5179
Gonçalo Gouveia's picture
Assistant Professor
3D Modeling, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Design and Communication
+351 291 70 5267
Elsa Carvalho's picture
Assistant Professor, Program Director MEI
Continuous Constraint Programming, Probabilistic Reasoning, Uncertainty Representation
+351 291705118
Ian Oakley's picture
Multi-modal interaction, Perception, Empirical evaluation, Sensors, Mobile devices
+351 291 70 5117
Laura Rodriguez's picture
Assistant Professor
Cooperative Engineering, CSCW, Groupware, Web technologies, Databases, Distributed systems, Computer networks, Wireless sensor networks
+351 291 70 5190
Monchu Chen's picture
Assistant Professor
Visual attention in interaction design, Peripheral visual design, Information visualization
+351 291 70 5257
ncatano's picture
Assistant Professor
Formal Methods, Specification, Verification, Software Engineering, Social Networks
+351 291 70 5156
Barbara Pizzileo's picture
Invited Assistant Professor
Civil Engineering, Infrastructures
Paulo Sampaio's picture
Assistant Professor
Distributed Multimedia Systems, Web Engineering, Virtual and Augmented Reality Environments
+351 291 70 5291
Vassilis Kostakos's picture
Visiting Professor
Pervasive and ubiquitous computing, Human-Computer Interaction, Social networks, Security, Privacy
Wanchun Sun's picture
Postdoctoral Researcher
Jesus Ibanez's picture
Affiliate Professor
Human computer interaction, intelligent user interfaces, affective computing, intelligent systems, interaction with virtual environments, virtual reality
Maurício Reis's picture
Assistant Professor
+351 291 705 170
Evangelos Karapanos's picture
Assistant Professor, Head of the Scientific Council
Experience design, mobile and pervasive computing, field studies, empirical evaluation
+351 291 70 5175
Ron Salden's picture
Research Fellow
adaptive education, curriculum innovation, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, performance assessment, Cognitive Load Theory, human-computer interaction, Artificial Intelligence, classroom experimentation
+351 291 70 5282
Alberto Grilo's picture
Vice-president of M-ITI
Michelle Macau's picture
Visiting Professor
Olga Lyra's picture
Invited Assistant Professor
persuasive technologies for inclusive education
Claudia Clemente's picture
Invited Assistant Professor, Film writer and director
Cinematography, Script writing
Virgínia Catanho's picture
Project Manager
+351 291 72 1211
Bruno Valente's picture
+351 965 480 309
Susana Gonzaga's picture
Assistant Professor
interaction design
Carlos Valente's picture
Assistant Professor
arts, design, multimedia
Victor Magalhães's picture
Assistant Professor
photography, multimedia, design
Dulce Pacheco's picture
Postdoctoral Researcher
Cooperative work, Collaborative learning, Multidisciplinary studies, Creativity, Leadership
Roberto Camara's picture
Software Developer at Logica
Alexandra Rentróia's picture
Academic Manager
katyp's picture
trichardson's picture
MHCI Program Assistant
jlfreitas's picture
Business Development Manager
Aerospace, sustainability
+351 96 203 26 51
Letícia Patrício's picture
Evandro Amaro's picture
Former Systems and Labs Administrator
Jonathan Huber's picture
MHCI Program Assistant