Clinton Jorge

Clinton Jorge
Phd Candidate, Research Assistant


32° 40' 19.7436" N, 16° 51' 37.0764" W
Room 3 @ M-ITI
Research projects: 


1)MStoryG. A project under Madeira Life, Madeira-ITI.

2)FootZON, Zon Service Engineering. A Madeira-ITI and ZON Multimédia project.

3)RemotePresence, communicating deictic gestures through a handheld multi-touch device. A 1-year collaborative research project between Madeira-ITI and Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, Belgium. University of Madeira, master's project.

4)"SlideWorld". A three-month internship who's objective was to identify new opportunities for interactive applications ina reas such as social media, collaborative work, and entertainment; and explore opportunities for collaboration with an external research partner, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, Belgium. Spent a month at Bell Labs, Antwerp consulting on their brand new "SlideWorld" research project.


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