Maria Clara Correia Martins

Maria Clara Correia Martins
MCHI Student
social interactions, healthcare, collaboration, design
+351 917897596

My background is in industrial design. I work for two years at INOV - INESC Inovação where I worked as an industrial designer and general design consultant. However my broad range of interests have always pushed my curiosity forward and eventually led me to MHCI.

Karapanos, E., and J. B. O. S. Martens, "Characterizing the diversity in users' perceptions", Human-Computer Interaction - INTERACT 2007, Pt 1, Proceedings, vol. 4662, no. Part 1: IFIP TC 13; BR Petrobras; Comite Gestor Internet Brasil; Microsoft; Noldus, pp. 515-518, 2007.