ZON Service Engineering

Leonel Nóbrega
Guilherme Gomes
Jorge Grenha
Ko Huang
Larry Constantine
Monchu Chen
Nuno Nunes

ZON Service Engineering is a project that will provide the real-world setting to test and drive breakthrough ideas in business IT alignment, SOA and service design. In particular it will contribute to create a new set of languages and tools that will enable practical implementation of the BITAM-SOA architecture in a real-world scenario of a complex service-oriented company like ZON Madeira. Practically, the project will encompass the re-engineering of ZON services, including metrics that are considered by the company stakeholders to reflect their business concerns. ZON Service Engineering is a 3 year joint project between ZON Madeira, Madeira Tecnopolo, University of Madeira and University of Porto. It involves partners from Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon and the University of Hawaii. It is funded under the +Conhecimento initiative and led by University of Madeira.