Research Intern (BIC) at the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (MITI), under the R&D project “Projeto Estratégico LA 9 - UID/EEA/50009/2013”

Closing date: 
7 August, 2017
3 months
385€ net
Job Purpose: 

Job summary: 

In the scope of R&D project “Projeto Estratégico LA 9 - UID/EEA/50009/2013” from Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute/ LARSyS, with the funding support from FCT/ MCTES through national funding, it is now open a call for one Research Intern at the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (MITI) of the University of Madeira (Funchal, Portugal).

Job description:

This is an exciting area of research, combining Computer Science, Psychology, and Design. Furthermore, the internship is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience in real-world research.

Main research field: Human Computer Interaction

Work plan:

The student will be responsible for organizing a user study, he/she will recruit participants arrange sessions, perform each session and write up the results.

Will be supervised by Filipe Quintal and other members of the Energy Lab team in the following tasks:


· Getting to know the project and the goals

· Development of a study protocol to evaluate the accuracy of the technology

· Recruitment of participants for the study

· Monitor each study session

· Write up study results


· Development of 3 new scenarios that will be used in a second study to evaluate the day-to-day usage of the technology


· Recruitment of participants for the second study

· Monitor each study session

· Write up study results

The ideal candidate would be a computer scientist, interactive media designer or a closely related discipline.

Applicants should fulfill the following requirements:

· Applicants should be enrolled for the first time in a first cycle of higher education or in an integrated master's degree in one of the following areas:

- Informatics Engineering

- Design

- Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering

- Psychology

- Interactive Media Design

· Knowledge of Java and Android is a plus.

Legislation and regulations: The scholarships are directed to applicants under the law nº40/2004 of August 18th (Research Grant Holder Statute) and the current conditions established on the FCT regulations

Work place: The work will be conducted at Madeira-ITI (Funchal, Portugal), and the student is expected to work 25 hours per week, under the supervision of Dr. Filipe Quintal.

Scholarship length: The scholarship will have a duration of 3 months, non-renewable, with an expected start in August 2017.

Monthly stipend: The monthly maintenance stipend will be between 385€ net, according to the Portuguese directives from the ministry of science and education

The fellowship will be paid monthly by bank transfer.

The selection process will be based on:

· Curriculum Vitae (20%)

· Previous experience (20%)

· Motivation / proposal (20%)

· Interview (40%)

Application process and deadline:

A CV and a Recommendation Letter (facultative), and any supporting documents you may consider helpful should be sent by e-mail to   and   with the reference: “Internship - HCI

Selection committee: Prof.Dr. Filipe Quintal and Prof. Dr. Duarte Nuno Nunes

Notification of results: The final results will be published through an ordered list by final note that will be posted in a visible and public place at the Madeira­ITI. All candidates will be notified by email.

Candidacy term and applications form: The competition will be open during the period of 25-07-2017 and 07-08-2017.