MHCI Capstone Projects Spring Presentations


On May 18, our community gathered for the MHCI Capstone Projects Spring Presentations, in Madeira Tecnopolo. The three teams presented their Capstone projects, and some preliminary results. Team Weave is working with Apartamentos Gorgulho, Lda, and aims to design a unique, sustainable service that bridges the physical and digital experience for hotel guests in Madeira. Team Studio80 is cooperating with Collab, in order to design a scalable cloud-based contact center system that easily on-boards new users while still serving the needs of advanced users. Last, but not least, Team Current is working with the Electricity Museum under the Electricity Company of Madeira. They are studying renewable energy in Madeira, museum design, and guest behavior in order to create an interactive experience that delights, educates, and leaves visitors inspired about the future of energy in Madeira.
The MHCI students will be back next semester to continue their work with the sponsors and present their innovative solutions. For now, we wish them the best of luck with their summer internships.