MHCI students make the final presentation of their Capstone Projects

Yesterday, December 15, the four teams of MHCI students made the final presentation of their Capstone projects, in an event that gathered their sponsors - Grupo Porto Bay Hotels & Resorts, More4You, Exictos and Collab - M-ITI's community, and local companies and organizations at the Rectory of University of Madeira.

In their Capstone projects, students in the professional masters in Human-Computer Interaction (MHCI) were asked by their sponsors to present out-of-the-box solutions for a problem/need handed to them at the beginning of the year.

The event started with the 2 Minute Madness, where students pitched their projects, followed by group presentations and demo sessions.

The MHCI is a two year dual-degree program, in partnership with the University of Madeira and the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. This is an international program that attracts not only students from Madeira, but from all over the globe.

Team Pearl Collective worked with Porto Bay Hotels and Resorts. Their goal was to study exemplary hospitality services in order to understand how guests’ expectations are identified, fulfilled, and exceeded so
 that they could empower Porto Bay staff to be proactive in creating personalized experiences for each individual guest during their stay.

Team Metis worked with Collab on its OneSupervisor solution. Their goal was to streamline the operations of contact centers by empowering supervisors to assist and coach their agents more rapidly.


Team Explora worked with the tourism company More4You
to building an enhanced experience for tourists visiting their website Their goal was to understand the motivations and needs of tourists to design an innovative experience that will anticipate and exceed expectations through a comprehensive set of digital and offline tools.


Team Elementary worked with Exictos. Their goal was to understand how people interact with money so that they can build a contextually- aware consumer banking experience.