Sónia Matos, PhD

Sónia Matos, PhD
Research Fellow
visual communication, interaction design, ethnographic research

Sónia Matos is a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh (School of Design) and currently a Research Fellow at M-ITI. 

With a background in product design (FBAUL, Lisbon) and experience design (Design Academy Eindhoven), Sónia completed her PhD at the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College, University of London. With a practical component in media design, her doctoral project explored design’s vital role in the safeguard of endangered forms of language. Building on the intersections of ethnographic research and design, at M-ITI Sónia will be engaging with local communities to generate interactive platforms that promote environmental safeguard within the region.

Amongst other institutions, she has presented her work at the 21st Century research-based programme, Chisenhale Gallery (London, U.K.) and at the Verbindingen/ Jonctions 13 an annual multidisciplinary festival organised by Constance - Association for Art & Media (Brussels, Belgium). Part of her dissertation has been published in the peer-reviewed proceedings of the 8th Conference of the International Committee for Design Histories & Design Studies and more recently in the upcoming publication Memory in Motion: Archives, Technology and the Socialpublished by Amsterdam University Press. 



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