Playtest Session on Antena 1 Madeira

Antena 1 Madeira
7 January, 2016 (All day)

The Mental Drivers and Parallactive Studio teams' interview was broadcast on the program "Os Dias Depois de Amanhã" of Antena 1 Madeira.
Mental drivers presented a computer-based game with innovative interface using the Wiimote and the projector, as well as a board game with the same aesthetic. Their game was based on the Chronic Disease Challenge and it's built for patients suffering with Alzheimer's disease. They also presented a board game, called Restless House.
Parallactive Studio presented a digital game consisted in a module for Garry's mod, making two players cooperate by solving puzzles. Each player has different abilities controlled by their attention and respiration levels.Their board game makes four different people play against time. Having 30 minutes to fix their broken ship, they have to cooperate and calm each other down so their stress does not kill them first.
The Playtest session took place on the 16/12/2015 @M-ITI.

You can see the full interview bellow.

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