How can I find a residence?

There are a few ways to find housing easily on the island. One option is to get in touch with previous or current students to find out where they stayed and check if it is available to rent. You can do this on the MHCI or MET Portugal facebook group here and here.


Online Resources


You can search the local newspapers for advertisiments of apartments. For example, visit Diario de Noticias and use the settings:

  • Natureza:Arrenda-se (Oferta)
  • Categoria: Apartamentos
  • Estada: Indiferente
  • Concelho: Funchal (if you want to stay in Funchal City Center)
  • Freguesia: Indiferente (various neighborhoods in Funchal)
  • Tipologia: T1 means 1-bedroom, T2 means 2-bedroom, etc.

Then click on "Pesquisar" to issue the search

Students Accomodation from Madeira University

You can book accomodation here: