M-ITI welcomes the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, and the Foundation for Science and Technology members


M-ITI continues to strengthen its relationship with the Portuguese government by welcoming the Chief of the Office of the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Ms. Maria Emília Moura, and the Member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Science and Technology, Ms. Isabel Ribeiro, on May 10. 

During the visit, M-ITI showcased some of its main projects, including the Commonfare project, the NeuroRehab Lab, and the ERAChair project. Researchers were also able to exchange ideas with the guests, which is essential for fostering government support for research and development.

M-ITI participates in the SMARTFUNCHAL’17 conference


Our president, Professor Nuno Nunes gave the lecture “Mobility Analysis based on IoT Technology: the case study of Funchal” at the SMARTFUNCHAL’17 conference, that took place on May 11-12 in Funchal, Madeira.

SMARTFUNCHAL’17 brought around 20 national and international speakers of great renown and credibility. The event gathered more than 300 people in an innovative congress, in a disruptive format in terms of shape and content, clearly focused on the future in order to provide a clear and direct communication and deliver its message.
Its goal was not only to debate, but to also reflect and demonstrate innovative solutions that could help cities to contribute to the national wealth, attract investments and qualified professionals, as well as value tourism, and contribute to environmental and sustainability, protecting the heritage, originality and traditional culture of the respective peoples.

M-ITI organizes Interactive Digital Stories Track

The opening of the first edition of the Interactive Digital Stories Track - Madeira Film Festival will take place on April 19 from 17:30 to 18:30 at the Teatro Baltazar Dias, in Funchal. John Fiege (UT-Austin), Arnau Gifreu (University of Girona) and the winner of the Track, Thibault Durand, are some of the documentary experts participating in the event. The Interactive Digital Stories Track is organized by the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI), the University of Texas at Austin (Department of Radio-Television-Film) in collaboration with the Madeira Film Festival (MFF). 

In its first edition, the MFF-Interactive Digital Stories Track aims to foster an international discussion about nature and sustainability, having accepted interactive documentary submissions themed in connection to these topics. The aim is to celebrate experimentation and the convergence of film, art, and new media technology to promote the emergence of documentary innovation. The track gathered artworks that push the limits of traditional aesthetics and structures of filmmaking. MFF-Interactive Digital Stories Track encourages the participation of documentary makers from all over the world.

Workshop: "The Power of Voice in the Cinema of Social Change" by John Fiege & Anita Grabowski

Within the context of UT Austin and M-ITI partnership, John Fiege, Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, and Anita Grabowski are giving the workshop "The Power of Voice in the Cinema of Social Change" on April 19, 10:00-13:00, at Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias. This workshop is part of the Madeira Film Festival and discusses the following topics: Storytelling, production, interactivity, outreach and fundraising.


Call for participation: Strategic Narratives of Technology and Africa


Call for participation: Strategic Narratives of Technology and Africa | Papers submission and Creative Works submission, deadline May 12. More information here.

M-ITI is partner in a project about Contemporary Art in Public Spaces

M-ITI contributes to the democratization of the knowledge of Contemporary Art by supporting the “+ PROJECTION AC – Projection of Contemporary Art in Public Space” project, that will be publicly presented today, April 17, at 15:00, in Casa da Luz Museum, located in Funchal, Madeira. 

The Project results of the Digital Art Media PhD research from our guest researcher, Hernando Urrutia, artist and researcher at CIAC - Centre for Research in Art and Communication, and Universidade Aberta/Universidade do Algarve.

In the context of the individual studies in the field of Visual Education, the project promotes and disseminates different approaches to contemporary thought. This leads the public to education and development since the different spaces of socialization for man in the city is a factor of democratic access to knowledge. As such, the goal of the project is to show the projecting in the architectural structure of the most important central areas of cities, teaching of contemporary art through culture "mass" of visual culture, allowing individuals to have a new approach and understanding of different lines of thought. The researchers involved believe it will increase different prospects, and allow the enjoyment of different paradigms that propose to bring people to contemporary art, expand a new way of thinking and individual reflection on the different concepts, moments and bases that our society has regarding the metropolis itself. The project includes a multimedia projection wall, aiming not only to the diffusion of culture, but the actual formation of the masses in public spaces of the city.

This project is also supported by EEM (Empresa de Eletricidade da Madeira, SA / Museum Casa da Luz, DRC (Direção Regional de Cultura) of the Autonomous Region of Madeira and OLHO.TE Associação Artística de Solidariedade Social. It will be implemented and exhibited from April 18 to 28, from 21:00-22:00, in the Casa da Luz Museum of EEM.

M-ITI researchers win Best Paper and Poster Award at the International Conference on Persuasive Technologies

We are delighted to announce that researchers Ana Caraban, Evangelos Karapanos, Pedro Campos and Lígia Duro were distinguished at the International Conference on Persuasive Technologies, hosted by the Centre for eHealth and Wellbeing Research, Persuasive Health Technology Lab, University of Twente (UT), the Netherlands, April 3-6. With a focus on the design and development of technologies aimed at changing people’s attitudes and behaviors, Ana Caraban, Pedro Campos and Evangelos Karapanos won the best paper award, with their work entitled “On the Design of Subly: Instilling Behavior Change during Web Surfing through Subliminal Priming.” Lígia Duro won the Best Poster Award, with her work entitled "Does Beauty Matter in Behavior Change?" supervised by our senior researcher Evangelos Karapanos and Pedro Campos.


M-ITI is partner in the LÁ-LÁ Madeira Toys exhibition


M-ITI's Critical Technical Practice Lab (CTP Lab) has been busier than ever! During the past 2 weeks, our CTP Lab has supported a group of Design students from the University of Madeira, in the prototyping of toys for their exhibition, entitled: LÁ-LÁ Madeira Toys.

Thanks to our cutting-edge technological equipment, modern techniques, as well as the collaboration of our experienced researchers, a significant part of the exhibition was prototyped in M-ITI's CTP Lab. Some examples are the Monachu swing and Bis-Birds mobiles that were manufactured from the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cut, in order to be easily assembled and transported.

The LÁ-LÁ Madeira Toys will be displayed until April 30, 2017, in the Armazéns do Mercado, located in the historic center of Funchal, Madeira Island. It entangles the cultural diversity of the island, and alerts for the need of preserving its ecosystems.

The Chinese Ambassador to Portugal visits M-ITI


Last Friday, March 24, M-ITI was honored to receive the visit of the Chinese Ambassador to Portugal, Mr. Cai Run, as well as the First Secretary of the Embassy, Mr. Ma Yue, and the Second Secretary, Ms. Fan Yue. This visit was an opportunity to show the ambassador some of our work, and to explore future research partnerships.

2017 FCT Advanced Training Scholarships - Opening of the Competition for the Granting of PhD

The Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) has an open a call for individual doctoral grants. The call will be open from March 1-31 (until 17:00, Lisbon hour). 

The requirements of application, and all information are available online:

Opening notice 

Evaluation Guide 

Research Fellowship Holder Statute

- FCT Research Grants Regulation 

The applications are submitted online, in FCT’s studentships portal, until March 3117:00 (Lisbon hour).

M-ITI has 2 doctoral programs accredited by FCT, the PhD in Digital Media and the PhD in Networked Interactive Cyber-Physical Systems. If you are interested in M-ITI’s PhD programs, contact the academic office by email (academic@m-iti.org) or by phone (351) 291 721 006.


M-ITI welcomes the Commission of Economy, Innovation and Public Works of the Assembly of the Republic


M-ITI has been continuing to strengthen its relationship with the government by welcoming the Commission of Economy, Innovation and Public Works of the Assembly of the Republic, on March 21. The delegation was composed of members of Parliament from Portugal's largest political parties. The visit was part of a three-day tour of Madeira, which included protocol and working meetings with some of the most prominent institutions on the island. During the visit, M-ITI's showcased some of its main project, including the M-ITI startup PRSMA. Researchers were also able to exchange ideas with the politicians, which is essential for fostering government support for research and development.

See footage below:

See video

ENERMAC project launch in the Canary Islands


Last week M-ITI participated in the public launch of the ENERMAC project in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain. ENERMAC - Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for the Sustainable Development of West Africa and the Macaronesian Islands – is funded by the Macaronesia Regional Cooperation programme (MAC 1420), a program that fosters cooperation between entities in the Canary Islands, Madeira and Azores. This project involves a total of fifteen entities from Madeira, the Canary Islands, Cabo Verde and Mauritania.

ENERMAC is developed around three main objectives: energy planning, the rational use of energy, and the analysis of the electricity grids in order to reinforce them. This meeting gathered the project partners, in order to inform and coordinate the start of the technical activities that will revolve around these three objectives.

The meeting was widely featured in the media. Read some of the articles here: Canarias7.es; Cabildo de Lanzarote; Gobierno de Canarias; Smartgridsinfo.

M-ITI participates in HoCare international workshop as stakeholder

M-ITI participated in the 1st International Thematic Workshop of the Interreg Europe project HoCare, "Generation of innovation by addressing unmet needs identified by formal and informal providers of health care", as part of Madeira stakeholder group.

The event took place at the Electricity Museum Congress hall, in Funchal, on 27 January 2017.

The goal of the HoCare project is to increase delivery of home care innovative solutions in regional innovation chains by strengthening of cooperation of actors in regional innovation system through a Quadruple-helix approach.

The Quadruple-helix approach is an innovation cooperation model or innovation environment in which users, businesses, research organizations or universities and public authorities cooperate in order to produce innovations.

M-ITI was invited by Madeira Government IDE to participate in HoCare as research organization.

Professor Sergi Bermúdez presented the R&D being done in the AHA (Augmented Human Assistance) project, a success case, to an international panel of stakeholders, and public. 

AHA is being developed under the international partnership with the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

Learn more about HoCare at www.interregeurope.eu/hocare


Social Tech Project Blog

Check out MITI’s new social tech project blog for reports and tidbits from our study of 'social technology ecosystems in Sub-Saharan Africa’: www.ssa.m-iti.org


M-ITI hosts the 2016 Playtest Session

Building on the success of last year, M-ITI again hosted the Playtest Session, in which the students of the Game Design class demonstrated their final projects (games). The event was held at M-ITI premises, on December 12. For these projects, students from different programs (Master in Informatics Engineering - MEI, and Professional Master in Human-Computer Interaction - MHCI) had been working together in teams to develop interactive experiences as well as traditional games.

MHCI students make the final presentation of their Capstone Projects

Yesterday, December 15, the four teams of MHCI students made the final presentation of their Capstone projects, in an event that gathered their sponsors - Grupo Porto Bay Hotels & Resorts, More4You, Exictos and Collab - M-ITI's community, and local companies and organizations at the Rectory of University of Madeira.

In their Capstone projects, students in the professional masters in Human-Computer Interaction (MHCI) were asked by their sponsors to present out-of-the-box solutions for a problem/need handed to them at the beginning of the year.

The event started with the 2 Minute Madness, where students pitched their projects, followed by group presentations and demo sessions.

The MHCI is a two year dual-degree program, in partnership with the University of Madeira and the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. This is an international program that attracts not only students from Madeira, but from all over the globe.

Team Pearl Collective worked with Porto Bay Hotels and Resorts. Their goal was to study exemplary hospitality services in order to understand how guests’ expectations are identified, fulfilled, and exceeded so
 that they could empower Porto Bay staff to be proactive in creating personalized experiences for each individual guest during their stay.

Team Metis worked with Collab on its OneSupervisor solution. Their goal was to streamline the operations of contact centers by empowering supervisors to assist and coach their agents more rapidly.


Team Explora worked with the tourism company More4You
to building an enhanced experience for tourists visiting their website visitingmadeira.com. Their goal was to understand the motivations and needs of tourists to design an innovative experience that will anticipate and exceed expectations through a comprehensive set of digital and offline tools.


Team Elementary worked with Exictos. Their goal was to understand how people interact with money so that they can build a contextually- aware consumer banking experience.

M-ITI wins Horizon2020 funded project in the field of energy

M-ITI is part of an international consortium, with a team made of four Madeira partners, that won a Horizon 2020 funded project for Intelligent Islands energy systems with a total budget of € 2,447m. The regional SMART IsLand Energy Systems team is made up of ACIF, EEM, M-ITI and the startup prsma that will lead one of the three technological pilot projects foreseen in the project.

In addition to Madeira, the SMILE project involves other two European islands (Orkneys in Scotland and Samsø in Denmark) where new technologies of smart grids that can enter the market in the short term will be demonstrated. The technological solutions are varied and include battery integration, heating, water storage, electric vehicles, power storage on boats and dynamic tariffs. These technologies will be applied to real pilots in the three islands, anticipating their impact and entering the market through the direct involvement of citizens.

In Madeira, the pilot project will have a particular emphasis on the integration of microproduction of electric energy. M-ITI is in charge of the scientific leadership, being responsible for analyzing data generated from innovative smart meters and user reactions. Metering technology will be provided by the prsma company. prsma is a M-ITI startup that has recently received funding from the Horizon 2020 PME Instrument, and was present at the Web Summit. EEM will be in charge of the integration of the technologies in the power network, as well as all the technical support related to the network management technologies. Finally, ACIF will be responsible for the aggregation of information produced at regional level as well as its impact on the business sector.

The SMILE project consortium involves a total of 19 partners from 6 countries for a global budget of € 14m for the four years of the project.

Representatives of the European Commission visit M-ITI

Yesterday, representatives from the European Commission visited M-ITI, namely: Eng. Georgios Yannoussis, the Director of FEDER, and Dr. Luca Marchetti, the Rapporteur da DG Regio of PO M14-20. Accompanying the visit were the national representatives of the PT2020 Agência de Desenvolvimento e Coesão (AD&C), and Instituto de Desenvolvimento Regional IP-RAM (IDR IP-RAM).
The visit was in the scope of the IV Meeting of the Monitoring Committee of “Madeira 14-20” that is taking place today, December 7, in Madeira.
During the visit, the M-ITI EXCELL, Beanstalk, the PIE News, and the ERA Chair projects were presented. After visiting M-ITI, the European Commission representatives also visited the Observatório Oceânico da Madeira (OOM).


M-ITI professor Nuno Nunes presents project about the Ocean of Madeira

Professor Nuno Nunes was invited to the 14th Annual National Academies Keck Futures Initiative (NAKFI) conference “Discovering the Deep Blue Sea: Research, Innovation, Social Engagement” from November 9-12 in Irvine CA, U.S.

Nuno Nunes talked about his vision of how future research on Oceans can be shaped by and from periferic places like Madeira. His vision focuses less on exploration of natural resources and more on the future of mankind. He also presented a project about building an ocean theme park in Madeira, in cooperation with the University of Texas at Austin. The theme park would be about 100 meters deep in the ocean, and allow scientists, and other interested people to observe and study its biodiversity.

Full interview about the project below.

See video

Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI) wins tender for research on ‘Social Tech Ecosystems in sub-Saharan Africa’ by British funders Comic Relief, Indigo Trust and Nominet Trust

The Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI) is delighted to announce that it has been commissioned to produce an ambitious piece of research on ‘Social Tech Ecosystems in sub-Saharan Africa,’ by a partnership of three key foundations making grants in the fields of social tech and international development: Comic Relief, Indigo Trust and Nominet Trust.

This major project will be supervised by Prof. Chris Csikszentmihalyi, a European Research Area Chair who has championed the field of tech and social innovation for twenty years. He will be leading an international team including expert researchers from Uganda, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, Europe and North America. “M-ITI has responded to this call because of an imperative: our team has a deep desire to foster sustainable innovation in sub-Saharan Africa (sSA), but equally deep reservations about many of the innovation narratives being pushed onto the continent. We look forward to finding successful local initiatives from which to build a fruitful theory and practice of sSA-appropriate models of innovation.”

Anne Radl, Programme Development Manager at Nominet Trust, who is coordinating this project on behalf of the three funders, said: “Comic Relief, Indigo Trust and Nominet Trust are excited to embark on this rich and varied research journey with M-ITI. The scope of the research is ambitious – but it is proportionate with the huge value that will come from understanding what sustains social tech innovations across sub-Saharan Africa and allows them to thrive. We look forward to being challenged on how to support social tech ecosystems to be robust and resilient, and to reflect new insights back on the social tech ecosystem in the UK.”

This major study will span the next five months and will cover Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone Africa in order to reflect the diversity of the continent. The methodology will involve both hands-on field work in six sub-Saharan African countries and an in-depth review of existing practices of social tech in the entire region through a peer nomination approach.

The process will be documented ‘in real time’ through a blog that will be created specifically for the project, featuring interviews, videos and analyses as the research progresses, as well as the final report when completed in April 2017.

The final report, an open source database and an interactive map of innovation actors in the region, will be disseminated to policy makers and funders of social tech and innovation in sub-Saharan Africa to foster better informed investment in social tech.

Findings from this research will also be presented at “Strategic Narratives of Technology and Africa”, a major international conference hosted at M-ITI and scheduled for September 2017, which will bring top African scholars, cultural producers, and entrepreneurs together to present and reimagine socio-technical possibilities in Africa.

This research has been commissioned by Comic Relief, Indigo Trust and Nominet Trust.


About the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI):

The Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (Madeira-ITI) is a not-for-profit innovation of the University of Madeira, founded by the University of Madeira, Madeira Tecnopolo, and Carnegie Mellon University. The institute was created in December 2009 in order to provide a home for the numerous collaborations between these partners, in both research and education. M-iti operates in the interdisciplinary domain of Human- Computer Interaction (HCI), encapsulating contributions from the disciplines of computer science, psychology and social sciences, and design, with the goal of engaging in important scientific and technological challenges.

About Comic Relief

Comic Relief is a UK charity which aims to create a just world, free from poverty - where everyone is safe, healthy, educated and empowered. Since 1985, Comic Relief has raised over £1 billion. That money has helped, and is helping, people living incredibly tough lives, both at home in the UK and across the world.

Comic Relief, registered charity 326568 (England/Wales); SC039730 (Scotland)

About Indigo Trust

The Indigo Trust is a UK based foundation which funds projects and organisations in Sub-Saharan Africa that leverage the power of mobile and web technologies, to foster active, informed citizens and accountable governments. 

Indigo supports civic tech communities and innovation hubs that use digital technologies for positive social change, in order to grow and strengthen the social tech sector in countries across Africa.  They also provide small and high-risk grants to early stage projects to stimulate innovative approaches to tackling social challenges.  They offer their grantees tailored, bespoke support and access to a wider network to amplify their impact and strengthen their organisations.  They also support wider sector initiatives and shared learning in the social technology sector.

About Nominet Trust

Nominet Trust is the UK’s leading social tech funder. It provides 100 per cent grant funding, mentoring and business support to organisations using the internet and digital technology to address significant social challenges including health and wellbeing, economic empowerment and sustainability. Since 2009, Nominet Trust has invested more than £25m in projects harnessing technology to deliver real social change. Through partnerships and campaigns such as the inspirational NT100, Nominet Trust mobilises new approaches that will influence and accelerate the use of tech for social good.

Nominet Trust was founded in 2008 by Nominet.

Nominet is a public benefit company, with 20 years’ experience running the .UK internet infrastructure.  Building on that expertise, Nominet is actively involved in connecting devices as well as people, helping people be safe and networks stay secure, and supporting the next generation of ideas and talent.  With the proceeds of its successful registry business, Nominet set up and funds Nominet Trust, its charitable foundation.

Contact in Portugal: Elise Leclerc, M-ITI Executive Director: +351 961 343 496


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