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Current students in the MHCI program at Madeira-ITI

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MHCI Student
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UX Researcher & Interaction Designer
UX, IxD, Design, Media, Psychology
0044 07769 49 6374
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Alumni of the MHCI program at Madeira-ITI

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MHCI alumnus
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MHCI student
Interaction Design, User Experience, Ubiquitous Computing
+351 965446597
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MHCI Student - User Experience Designer
Information Visualization, User-Centered Design
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MHCI student
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MHCI alumna
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MHCI Student
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Business Consultant at Logica
+351 965469540
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MHCI student
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MHCI student
User Experience Design, Interaction Design, Usability
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MHCI alumnus
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MHCI Student
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MHCI Student
Learning and Cognition, Instructional Design, Educational Video Games
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MHCI student
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MHCI student
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MHCI alumnus
Tangible Interaction Design, Software Development, Human Computation
+351 927 328 955
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HCI professional
+351 96 86 266 51
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MHCI student
Interaction Design, User Experience Design, Software Development, Wearable Technologies
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MHCI Student
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MHCI student
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MCHI Student
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MHCI alumnus
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Academy of Finland Postdoc Fellow
Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Development, Pervasive Technologies
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HCI professional
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MHCI student
user experience, user research, context-aware systems, embodied interaction
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MHCI alumnus
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Experience Designer
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MHCI alumnus
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MHCI student
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MHCI Student
Human Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, Software Engineering, Agile Development, Educational Software, Machine Learning & Data Mining
+351 965 446 846
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MHCI student
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MHCI alumnus
User Research, Interaction Design, Usability, Privacy
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MHCI alumnus
Service Design, Interaction Design, Ubiquitous Computing
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MHCI Student
User Experience, Interaction Design, Context Aware Computing
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MHCI student
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MHCI alumnus
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MHCI alumnus
mobile devices, augmented reality, web applications, really challenging problems
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MHCI alumnus
+1 (617) 283 9921
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MHCI alumna
+351 965115268
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MHCI alumna
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MHCI student
user experience, interaction design, usability, user testing
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MHCI student
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MHCI alumnus
UI Design, Info. Visualization, Interaction, Animation; also: Motivation, Augmented Reality, Game Theory/Design
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MHCI student
Game Design, Prototyping
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UX Designer
+351 927 842 061
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MHCI Student
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MCHI Student
social interactions, healthcare, collaboration, design
+351 917897596
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MHCI student
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User Experience Designer
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MHCI alumnus
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MHCI student
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Post-Doctoral Researcher
Environmental HCI, Assistive Technology, Child-Computer Interaction, Community Psychology, Usability Evaluation
+351 96 815 6768
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MHCI alumnus
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MHCI alumnus
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MHCI alumnus
Tangible Interaction, Mobile Devices, Interactive TV
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MHCI student
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Interaction design, Social computing
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MHCI alumnus
Visual Design, Interaction Design, User Research
+351 961 621 167
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MHCI alumnus, PhD Candidate
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MHCI Student
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MHCI student
+961 3 923 363
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MHCI Student
Information Visualization, Interaction Design, UI/UX
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MHCI alumnus
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MHCI Student
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MHCI Student
interaction design, social web, mobile interfaces, tangible interaction
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MHCI student
+351 96 544 6804
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MHCI student
Mobile Development, Pervasive Technologies, Information Visualization, Digital Storytelling
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MHCI student
HCI, User research, Social networking, activating environments